Supporting CEO transition at Bassadone    

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Bassadone Group, one of Gibraltar’s largest private businesses, has grown to be a major international motor distributor in addition to supporting the United Nations and other international aid organisations with specialist vehicles for sub-Saharan Africa. 
In early 2021 the Group CEO Kevin Jones stepped up to be Group Chairman, with the challenge to identify a permanent replacement as CEO of Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings. The leading internal candidates were the incumbent Sales and Operations Directors. 


Tony Bainbridge of Transforming Business Through Talent was invited to support these two senior managers in their development to step up to become Co-Managing Directors.
Their development journey started with identification of the organisation leadership requirements of the target roles; they were then provided with tailored insight on their strengths and development areas through psychometric assessment and feedback on what it would take to make the transition from operational manager to strategic leader.
Tony helped them to consider their organisational impact and effectiveness in achieving results through others, and to address the talent dynamics and capability gaps within their own teams. 
The final stage was to address synergistic ways of collaborating to lead the business in its next growth phase. 

In September 2021 the two candidates were confirmed as Co-Managing Directors. The year finished strongly with the opening of new workshop and office facilities, a successful new product launch and record sales.


Tony Bainbridge was able to bring his wide experience of talent development and organisational change, in addition to use of best-in-class psychometric tools, to support the growth of the two executives over six months. 
Kevin Jones says ‘this was a major change for our business and I’d like to thank Tony for his coaching and organisational support to achieve the successful transition’

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